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With QUAPITAL unconditionally secure communication is approaching scalability on a commercial level.

With the huge variety of quantum technologies shattering the limits of what was thought to be possible on nearly a monthly basis – be it communication, computing, metrology, imaging or even philosophy – the technological necessity of quantum networks like QUAPITAL is undeniable. Unconditionally secure communication, blind computing and all kinds of long-distance interference experiments are approaching scalability on a commercial level through QUAPITAL.

QUAPITAL will connect different research facilities all over Central Europe.

On a more general research perspective, QUAPITAL will help the science community to grow together in the truest sense of the word. Classical IT has shown us what is possible with high-speed communication, with outsourcing difficult problems via cloud computing. Building similar quantum-compatible networks like QUAPITAL will connect quantum experiments between different research facilities all over Central Europe. This will strengthen scientific collaborations in all fields, bring the community even closer together and at the same time foster excellence and specialisation.

QUAPITAL will support the economic development of the whole region, favoured by the spatial density of metropoles.

The vicinity of several high-tech hubs is an important enabling factor with the fragility of quantum states requiring low-loss connections. Apart from the aforementioned positive impact of high-end research on local economies, the availability of quantum secure cryptography systems will be an important location factor for any kind of enterprises in the financial sector, funding agencies, corporate business and investors.