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Quapital Summer School 2019 - preparing for the quantum revolution

Sep 30 - Oct 4 2019

We are enjoying wonderful summer school with astounding lectures and tutorials.

The age of the quantum revolution has dawned. Quantum technologies are shattering the limits of what was thought to be possible in many areas such as communication, meteorology, imaging, and even philosophy. People who will be able to navigate this terrain will be active creators of the technological landscape and lifestyle in the next decades. The development of quantum technologies will be important not only for science but also for the industry of the future. Privacy and security of internet applications become vital in a time of autonomous driving, -flying and digitized power plants. QUAPITAL, as the first Quantum Network, will set new standards for privacy and security and will prevent hacking once and for all. Unconditionally secure communication, blind computing, and various kinds of long-distance interference experiments are approaching scalability on a commercial level and start to open for innumerable application areas. 

QUAPITAL Summer School aims to train students to play an active role in those developments. 35 participants took the opportunity to co-create cutting-edge technologies in an international surrounding, thus establishing a global network. The speakers were international theorists and experimenters of QUAPTIAL member countries such as Rupert Ursin IQOQI, Vienna, Sebastian Neumann IQOQI, Vienna, Dominik Rauch IQOQI, Vienna, Vladimír Bůžek RCQI, Bratislava, Mário Ziman RCQI, Bratislava, Daniel Reitzner RCQI, Bratislava, Jan Bouda Masaryk University, Brno, Josef Vojtěch CESNET a.l.e., Prague, Radu Ionicioiu IFIN-HH, Bucharest, Áron Szabó AIPT, Birmingham;