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Building the Quantum Internet - getting started

The first link between Vienna and Bratislava is operational, the next generation network is coming.

Quantum experiments in a controlled environment have shown their superiority to standard information technology. However, what was still missing was a reliable “quantum data highway” continuously connecting distant communication partners. By building such a quantum-compatible network, we will connect quantum experiments between different research facilities all over Central Europe. But this is just the beginning. The implications of scientific findings in the field of quantum cryptography are already starting to affect the economy. Absolute security and 100% freedom from hackers will not only become more critical but also will be the standard for privacy and security within the upcoming years. Hence the availability of quantum secure cryptography systems will be an essential factor for any enterprise in the financial sector and corporate business.

By making use of the world’s most advanced quantum senders and receivers, we are utilizing existing glass fiber telecom structures throughout Europe to connect capitals and strategically essential metropoles. On our journey towards a fully fletched global quantum internet, our first step is building a quantum network by locating the primary nodes cross-border over Central Europe.

As a kick-off, we installed equipment in Bratislava at the Slovak Academy of Science for our QKD experiment Vienna -> Bratislava, on October 26th. We will now put the project in operation and then take 24/7 data. Have a look; the data will be available on a dashboard in real-time.